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  • What kind of entrepreneur are you?

    Jan 08, 2018


by P.Hu


There are multiple ways of being an entrepreneur. The mainstream definition of an entrepreneur is “a person that perceives and develops opportunities.” But even opportunities has multiple definitions. If we take that into account then these types of entrepreneurs exist.

1. A person that perceives and develops opportunities
2. A person that knows how to make and deliver products and services
3. A person that can manage people and money

1. Opportunities
This is the kind of entrepreneur you see seeking for new business models, ideas, and processes. You might say that this kind of person is a creative type that can think outside the box.

2. Products and services
You have people that can create their own products and services. Think about the college-student who makes websites on a project-basis as a side-job.

3. People and money
This is the kind of person who has easy access to certain types of assets and resources like money and people. We will know starting a business is easier if you have the funds and the people too begin with. Also, think about scalability in the economic sense. This usually takes an upfront-investment.

As a general rule, an entrepreneur should possess two of the three options. Which one do you think you have?

The picture attached to this post is a photo of a festival I organized with fellow students and associations. It was one of my biggest projects to date.

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