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  • The current state of prosperity in the Netherlands

    May 21, 2018


by P.Hu


According to the CBS (central bureau of statistics), the median net worth of families in The Netherlands is 22.100 euro. This amount is including homeownership but excluding money in pension funds. This is a critical difference between calculating net worth in The Netherlands and, as an example, calculating net worth in the USA. The latter part frequently includes money in pension funds. Generally, net worth is calculated by deducting debt from your assets. So if you have 10.000 euros in savings and a debt of 2.000 euros, in this example, your net worth would be 8.000 euros.

Even though this number is very decent, the distribution of this wealth is not fairly divided between age groups:

– People till 25 have an average net worth of 300 euros;
– Groups between 25 till 35 have an average of 700 euros of net worth;
– While age groups between 35 and 45 have 4.000 euros of net worth;
– Age groups between 45 and 55 have a net worth of 37.400 euros;
– Age groups between 55 and 65 have a decent net worth of 87.100 euros;
– But age groups between 65 and 75 tops that with a net worth of 124.300 euros;
– People of 75 years and older can’t complain with a net worth of 99.500 euros.

A big part of the large gap is that people from 25 till 45 are still building their wealth. Some of those people still have students debts, while others were hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008; just to show some perspective, the median net worth before the financial crisis was 52.700 euros. These numbers make me wonder if people in my age group are planning and thinking about their future.

I highly recommend everyone to read this rapport, you can download it here. As the video below explains, you can find a lot more information about wealth in a broader sense in The Netherlands.

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