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    Oct 17, 2017


by P.Hu


It has been a while since I posted a new blog. In the past year, allot has happened. I bought my own home, did some internships and I’m currently studying abroad at the University of Economics, VSE in Prague. But the most recent change is not these things I stated before, but more my interests in international financial management, currencies, stocks, and bonds.

This means that I shifted my interests from events to a financial economics discipline. My first experience with investments products was my internship at a private bank. A private bank is a bank that is specialized in management, consulting and advising people or companies with a lot of cash or assets; typically you have to be a millionaire. What strikes me the most was a graph displaying the rate of return on investments over the past ten / fifteen years.

Like a lot of people know; in 2008, the world faced a financial crisis because of bad mortgages. These mortgages were taken by consumers without a proper guarantee of income statements by the consumers. To make a long story short. A lot of consumers took a mortgage to easily. Banks sold these mortgages to other institutions and thus the snowball of the 2008 financial crisis began.

The market plummeted, stocks dropped heavenly, banks went bankrupt and the employment rate was high. You would think it takes a century to recover from that. Actually, it only took four years to recover and a lot of people profited from the financial crisis in 2008. People were richer than ever before.

With this in mind and statistics backing up the results. I too began researching more about the markets. Even to a degree that I don’t invest in events with my own money anymore. I would rather invest my money in investment funds, stocks, and cryptocurrency. I will write my experiences, positions, and investments on my blog and I will try to write a blog every week and make it as simple as possible for people to read my entries and thoughts of my investments. I hope I can shed some light on these topics. Because I can assure you. The world of finance and economics is a beautiful but monstrous place.

To be clear, I’m trying to take you with me on an adventure, I am not trying to be an advisor.


Prague is beautiful.

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