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    Jan 01, 2018


by P.Hu


2017 was an awesome but heavy year, both business-wise and personally. I won’t go into details about my personal life because that is personal. What I can tell you is that I bought an apartment, paid off my student-debt, got into cryptocurrency and started seriously allocating resources in stocks and funds. This all led to an increase in my net value.

Why is this important to me? Well, I hold certificates to be a financial advisor and my field of study is based on the financial/economic aspects of a business. I strongly believe that you have to do well for yourself before you can advise or help other people.

My next target for the year 2018? Double my net-worth and make sure my family, friends, and loved-ones are taking care of. Because a positive net worth is only important if you can share it with the people you care about.


I finished my Erasmus study abroad at the University of Economics in Prague with an average score of 80/100. I am content with that 🙂

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